TES Calendar of Events, January 2007

The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) is the main social and educational organization in New York for the BDSM crowd. Here’s their planned events for January, 2007:
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Stephen King Killed John Lennon!

As of yesterday, it’s been 26 years since Mark David Chapman put four rounds into “the smart Beatle,” John Lennon, and ended an era.  Or so the mainstream media would have us think.  This guy claims that it was a bizarre conspiracy between Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and, er…. Stephen King.  Honestly, I can’t quite parse his logic; it’s a little like trying to read a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s after downing some speed.  But if you look at it right, his writing does have a kind of dadaistic beauty to it:

Along the way I saw my influence shape events in ways ONLY I could see. I am amazed at how big a dent I have already made, and yet I am still agast at how little support I have received from my fellow man and Americans. My own mother, and my siblings, the one constituency who should have helped me come forward so I could remove my life from danger have taken a step back from my plight. I have witnessed the apathy of my country and have come to appreciate that it is fueled by their own sense of shame, fear, jealousy and, I’ll say it, misery. Everyone’s very afraid where political assassination is concerned but me. Even Paul McCartney, who endorsed me live at Berkeley (see website) has retreated singing “…words of NON wisdom..” lately letting civilization slide into barbarism and banality. His recent 2002 concert passed without a relevant remark.
I don’t trust Yoko to do anything but protect the lie and her estate. I feel sorry for New York City that they can’t see through her. I feel sorry for New York that they tolerated a no trial necessary remedy for Lennon’s assassination. No wonder America is in such shambles. New York City is out of control and disconnected.
I worry about all of you people for having to have me tell you why this is important and vital to begin with. When I started I assumed everyone would know that this expose will unleash more power to the people than at any time in our lifetimes.  If you are not excited by that fact you, indeed, need my prayers too.
Thank you for visiting my website. Only you can expose this story. It will never be told until you people change, first, deep inside. Don’t keep me waiting. I need your help and support. BREAK THIS STORY, PLEASE!

I think this man has the makings of a presidential candidate.

Gloating Like a Motherfucker

There isn’t much to feel happy about these days if you’re an unemployed, chronically-depressed, leftist atheist pervert. But in between the stories of the mounting body count in Iraq and the hateful madness that stands in for conservative political thought these days, you get something like this.  Maybe I’ll have to reconsider the atheism thing.
Well. Not quite. But it’s pretty fucking sweet, especially coming on the heels of Mark Foley and Ted Haggard.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Truth Wins Out expressed satisfaction today in learning that Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, President of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), has stepped down amid a cloud of controversy stemming from a polemic justifying slavery found on the group’s website, according to a statement released by Truth Wins Out. NARTH had also taken heat in recent months for advocating child abuse against gender variant children.

“NARTH was a sinking ship and they had no choice but to throw their captain overboard,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “The group was quickly becoming the Mel Gibson of the ‘ex-gay’ world and this move was NARTH’s desperate way of saying, ‘timeout, we are going to rehab.’ However, it may be too late, as no spin can erase their racist and anti-gay sin.”

Trouble began mounting for Nicolosi after Canadian doctor Joseph Berger, who serves on NARTH’s “Scientific Advisory Board” wrote on the organization’s website that gender variant children should be sent to school in opposite-sex clothing so they can be “ridiculed” into conforming.

But criticism of NARTH reached a crescendo after “Scientific Advisory Board” member, Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf, penned a polemic on the group’s website that seemed to justify slavery and said that African-Americans taken away in chains on slave ships “were in many ways better off than they had been in Africa.”

Lolita Wolf Teaches Rope Bondage, Dec. 14

Edit: Much to the misfortune of yours truly and other penised beings, the below event is girls-only. I hope that any NYC women reading this do attend. Everything else I say about the quality of Lolita’s teaching still holds.

Okay. Now this is something that I really have to find a way to attend. A friend of mine is going to be coming into town from San Francisco that day, but he’s perverted, and coming for the express purpose of allowing us to fuck his brains out, so maybe he’ll be amenable, if he’s not too jetlagged out. Lolita Wolf is giving a presentation on rope bondage courtesy of the Lesbian Sex Mafia. Being as it is the Lesbian Sex Mafia, I’m not entirely sure whether boys are allowed, but even the LSM has been known to do mixed-gender presentations. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Lolita is one of the NYC pervert community’s great mensches. She dearly loves being perverted and is highly knowledgeable about her play, and it shows in every presentation she does. I have watched her give presentations on things that held no particular interest for me and enjoyed them mightily. Rope bondage is something that I’ve become very interested in recently, but I’ve found some classes both confusing and intimidating. For those of us that had trouble learning to tie our shoe laces, never mind the basics of shibari, I’m sure that the lovely Ms. Wolf has much wisdom worth listening to.

Lolita Wolf Teaches Rope Bondage


Where: LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th St, NYC
When: Thursday, Dec. 14, 8 PM
How Much: $10 General, $5 LSM members
Women Only

Smart Perverts: Selina Raven

During my last few weeks living in San Francisco in September, 2002, I worked briefly at a now-defunct adult newsweekly called The Spectator. Despite what anyone tells you, working with porn gets as boring as any other job really quickly. Mainly I was working reception. I took phone calls, did Excel spreadsheets, sent packages, and took ad payments from the Oakland pimps and call girls who advertised in the paper.

Selina Raven One of the other people who worked at Spectator at the same time as me was Selina Raven, a local domina who was making a little pin money doing similar admin tasks as myself. As soon as I met her, I knew two things: first, that she was seven different kinds of hot, and second, that she was really fucking smart. The two things are not unrelated.

There’s several galleries of Selina at her web page, but to get a tour of her brain, I recommend listening to the two-part interview conducted by Nova and Atticus on the Fetish Flame podcast. I especially recommend this interview to people who are just getting interested in kink and fetish play. Selina talks about how she got into kink, back in the days before there was an Internets; the three parts of the term “BDSM” (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism) and how they differ from each other; and the two main competing philosophies of kink, SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). I think the interview is especially notable for the latter point, because if you get into the kink community, you’re gonna hear a lot about these two. Just about every major mailing list or organization periodically explode into very long and very polarized debates about the distinctions between the two, and which is more appropriate for the community to promote. Usually these debates get very tiring very fast and produce a lot more heat than light. Selina explains the two in a very neutral, intelligent way that’s very rare considering the volatility of the topic. My own reaction to the RACK side of the controversy is somewhat like my reaction to pro-gun people from the NRA: I’d be a lot more sympathetic to their arguments if so many of them didn’t give the impression that they shouldn’t be trusted with anything sharper than a rubber ball.

In contrast, I’m glad to have smart and ethical people like Selina in the community, and even gladder that I’ve gotten to know so many of them. Listen to the podcast and see what I’m talking about.

Fetish Flame Interview: Part One Part Two

You Can’t Fool All the People All the Time….

A little footnote to my previous rant about the government’s expansion of abstinence-only education: although the people making the policies may be idiots and prudes (not necessarily in that order), the American people are not. According to a study recently done by the University of Pennsylvania, 80.4 percent of American adults prefer a balanced “abstinence-plus” approach to sex education. Also, according to the study:

  • 91.6 percent of liberals, 86.4 percent of moderates, and 70 percent of conservatives support comprehensive (abstinence-plus) programs, while 19 percent of conservatives, 5.3 percent of moderates, and 3.7 percent of liberals oppose such programs.
  • 47 percent of conservatives support abstinence-only programs, while 67 percent of liberals, 50.4 percent of moderates, and 39.9 percent of conservatives oppose this approach to sex education.
  • 37.5 percent of conservatives, 13.4 percent of moderates, and 9.1 percent of liberals oppose condom instruction, while 51.2 percent of conservatives support it.
  • Among all respondents, 57 percent disagree that condom instruction encourages teens to have sex.
  • Of the respondents who never attend religious services: 87.4 percent support comprehensive sex education and 57.9 percent oppose abstinence-only programs.
  • Among those who attend religious services more than once a week: 60.3 percent support abstinence-only programs; 60.3 percent support abstinence-plus programs; 52.6 percent oppose and 37.9 percent support condom instruction; 31.3 percent oppose abstinence-only instruction.

In short, Americans aren’t as easily fooled as the puritan bureaucrats would want us to be. I’m cautiously optimistic about the election results, but hopefully, between statistics like these and the backlash against the Republicans, the government will have to stop pretending that sex is something that you can just sweep under the rug.

More good news: congratulations to the people of Spokane, Washington, who ousted Brad Benson, the Republican State Senator who claimed earlier this year that Planned Parenthood deliberately distributes condoms with an 80% failure rate because “they have an interest in the follow-up product.

It's okay to be a pervert, as long as you're smart about it.