TES Calendar of Events, February 2007

More kinky fun coming in February, courtesy of the good folks at TES!

Sun Feb 4
The Men’s Group: “Superbowl Beer Bash”
Hooters, 211 West 56th Street, NYC

At Hooters of course! Yes we know it’s cliché-but that’s the point. Join the Men’s Group in enacting the myth and mystique of sexism, beer and chicken wings. Open to any male or male identified. Write MensGroup@tes.org for details.

Tue Feb 6
“Animal Roleplay Exploratorium” with Thrash

Do you have an animal inside you waiting to be unleashed or are you desirous of owning one of these splendid creatures? Join Thrash and company for a light-hearted, in-depth lecture on how to become the animal or animal trainer you always wanted to be. All forms of human animals are welcome… surprise us! Bring any equipment or accoutrements you wish to wear or show off, so we may help you reach your goals. Come prepared to have some fun!

Wed Feb 7
The Switchables Group: “Sex and the Switch” with Goddess Tatsumi
Goddess Tatsumi, a bisexual collared polyamorous switch, will share some of her 15+ years of experiences to illustrate that, especially in sex, we can be greedy and need not be locked into any one role. She will describe some of the joys, dilemmas and occasional quandaries inherent in being a sexual servant in some relationships, a domineering diva in others, an equal partner in still others and trying to smoothly transition between them while having a good time and remaining true to herself.

Thu Feb 8
Board of Directors Meeting — Members Only — No Donation
Purple Passion: 7:30pm
Members may come and sign up to speak on a particular subject or just come and observe. Please observe the NYC parking regulations and avoid being towed !

Sun Feb 11
The Singles Group: “Hooters Excursion: TES, Tits, Titillating & Teasing”
Hooters, 211 West 56th Street, NYC

The TES Singles Group invites singles and couples to join them for a delectable munch at Hooters. No admission fee, just pay for your food. For further info call (917) 864-2000 or e-mail at Singles@tes.org

Sun Feb 11
TES-TNG: “Cool Kinky Kids Seek Same!”
{Open to attendees 35 and younger and their guests.}

The kids are cutting loose and hitting the town! Join the mayhem and debauchery as TNG samples some of NYC’s kinky sexy fun! We’ll meet for dinner first, then go dancing at a leather/fetish club… Dress to Impress! (Leather, fetish, goth, cyber-goth, military, all black…) We’re going to sink our teeth into this Valentine’s Day weekend, don’t you want to be there? Please note: Dinner is for all TNGers, but the club will be 21+. E-mail blazingboots@gmail.com to RSVP or for more info.

Tue Feb 13
“Dueling D/s Demographics” with a split panel moderated by Flagg and Sparky

You think there is one right way to live a D/s lifestyle? If so, should be one to open your eyes to differing possibilities. We will have a split panel: submissives questioned by Flagg, and Dominants questioned by Sparky. Come and hear some unique, and differing, perspectives which are sure to be brought out of our panelists by our expert questioners.

Wed Feb 14
The Novice Group: “LOVE STINKS!: Does Love Ruin All In A BDSM Relationship?”
with a panel moderated by Bo

HAPPY VD DAY! We celebrate Love with a topic that is SURE to ignite some very strong feelings! Does love really stink? Does it screw up a power dynamic or does it just change it into something entirely new & wonderful? Why does Love seem to turn some Dom/Domme’s into crazy people we hardly recognize, yet make others happy, content & confident? Join Moderator Bo, with a one-of-a-kind panel that includes, Flagg, Boymeat, Dirk & Sarah, Velvet Eagle and Hilton. This one should be packed as the experienced & novice alike will want to weigh in on this topic. Come early to ensure a seat!

Sat Feb 17
The Spanking Group: “The Darker Side Of Spanking”
Paddles: 7:30pm
Often times when we think of spankings we think of little girls and boys happily playing with their Mommies and/or Daddies and may not think about the darker side of the spanking world. This is not for the faint hearted! Put away the cute little teddy bears and pretty pink paddles and join the TES Spanking Group as we travel the dark world of spanking.

Sat Feb 17
“Midnight Seduction”
Paddles: 7:30pm
Midnight Seduction is the party game of sensual fantasy play. Each participant in the game plays a fictional character ®¢ you can choose to be anything from an innocent flirt to a vivacious exhibitionist. Secretly hidden among the other characters in the game are the ravishing undead Vampyre. This class will teach you the rules of the game and allow you to create your character. Then, get ready to play at the special party to follow! For more information on the game, or to begin to prepare your character ahead of the workshop, visit http://www.midnightseduction.net

Sat Feb 17
“A Novice Excursion”
hosted by Lady D & Bo.
Are you new to the Scene? New to NYC area? Looking to get back into the scene after a long layoff? Just want to hang out with some fun and kinky people on Sat night, in a safe, no pressure, atmosphere with knowledgeable people to guide you if needed?!? Come alone or as a couple. No dress code. At around 10:30pm, after dinner, coffee or a snack, we’ll go to the TES party together.

Sat Feb 17
“Midnight Seduction Party” hosted by Pete Mosq and August
Paddles: 10pm – 3am
Come join us in a world of dark rituals & forbidden desires at this especially seductive party. You’ll find many enticements in store for you ®¢ decadent food, sensual music, good friends and intriguing strangers, and lots of hot play. Participate as a character in the “Midnight Seduction” role-play game taking place during the party, or just come and play your own way! (Please note: it is preferred that you attend the 8pm workshop if you wish to participate in the game.)

Tue Feb 20
“Rape!” with Goddess Tatsumi

Rape conjures up both fear and fantasy. Why do so many find this form of edge play so enticing? This class will focus on defining and discussing consent and different types of negotiation. We will discuss different elements of rape play which need to be negotiated as well as the psychological benefits and pitfalls faced by both tops and bottoms engaging this form of edge play. This is a safe and welcoming environment for those that wish to learn and explore the possibility of playing with this edge.

Wed Feb 21
The Bondage Group: “Mummification – An Exploration Into The Ultimate Restraint” with Michael Horowitz

This hands-on workshop and discussion for Novices through Experienced Players will cover play with various types of Plastic Wrap, Tapes, Vet-Wrap, Stockinette and other restraining materials. You will be able to watch and/or try out the materials being shown, discuss safety issues and exchange ideas.

Sat Feb 24
Dominant Men/submissive women: “Workshop: Service With A Smile: Sharpening Entertaining/Formal Service Event Skills” with Wildfleurs
LGBT: 5pm-8pm. Members: $10, Non-Members: $15
Whether you are interested in sharpening your entertaining at home skills or thinking about planning or serving at a formal service event this workshop covers the three basic areas that create a quality experience. People who are interested in providing service in a group of fellow serv-a-holics will get a clearer picture of what is expected of them and possible positions for such an event. Wildfleurs is a happily owned female slave living in New England. She is the founder and organizer for the Connecticut BDSM Munches, the longest running munch group in Connecticut as well as the organizer of New England Leather Alliance (NELA) workshops in Hartford. For more information on her visit: http://www.wildfleurs.com Tue Feb 27 “Pavlov’s Dogs and You” with Sara L. The psychological concepts behind conditioning have a variety of kinky applications. This class will explore a number of them, from introducing a partner to a new fetish to training a special somebody or yourself.

Wed Feb 28
The Relationships Group: “Relationship Survival Tips and Tricks”

How do couples get over the humps and lumps of day-to-day, week-to-week relationship pitfalls. Come share your tips or learn from others. Audience participation is welcome.

1 LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St., between 7th and 8th Avenues.
Workshops: Members: $10, Non-Members: $15.2 Chelsea Gallery Restaurant, 72 7th Ave., between 14th & 15th3 Purple Passion, 211 West 20th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

4 Paddles, 250 West 26th St., Basement, between 7th & 8th Ave.
Parties: Members: $25, Non-Members: $35
4a Meetings: Members: $4, Non-Members: $8


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