Audacia Ray Explains It All For You

I consider Audacia Ray to be one of the smartest women in New York when it comes to sex, and her recent post on the female condom shows why.  The female condom has never quite caught on since its introduction. This is partly because of the price ($4/condom, as opposed to 25-50¢ for the standard boy model) and partly because they’ve remained kind of mysterious, more suited to the punchline of a joke than something you pack for a hot date.  Audacia does a good job of sweeping away the mystery with a smart, sensible explanation of the whys and wherefores of the girl condom:

Lube reduces the friction and stress on the condom and reduces likelihood of breakage – I wish latex male condoms came with this much lube. Also, its polyurethane – good for people with latex allergies, but also an excellent conductor of heat. Though the instructions for using a female condom may say that as soon as you’ve got it installed, you’re rarin’ to go, actually its a better idea to wear it for up to half an hour first – this gives the polyurethane time to warm up and mold to the walls of the vagina, which will not only help keep it in place, but will also (with exception of the external ring bit of it) make it feel less like humping a plastic bag and more like humping a flesh and blood vagina. A female condom is also a pretty awesome way to prepare for a potential quicky – you might not want to walk around with it inside you for the suggested “up to eight hours” but one of the complaints people have about condoms is that it reduces the spontaneity. If a woman puts one of these suckers in in advance, you can kinda capture that spontaneity, all safe-like. (link)


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