TES Calendar of Events, January 2007

The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) is the main social and educational organization in New York for the BDSM crowd. Here’s their planned events for January, 2007:

Meetings are at 260 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor unless otherwise noted.
Doors open at 7:30 pm – Meetings begin at 8 pm.

Tue Jan 2 “Owning a Club” with Lenny Waller

Ever wonder if those stories about the old time New York SM club Scene are true? Ever fantasize about running your own fetish joint? Have you been trying to figure out why there are so few places to play in this town? Do you just want to hear some funny stories?

Wed Jan 3 Dominant Men/submissive women: “Mentoring: How Does It Differ From Novice?”

The “Next Step” after novice orientation: Mentoring. Master Jim will define and give a history of his experience in mentoring. Dominant Men and submissive women that he has mentored will participate in the discussion.

Tue Jan 9 Membership Meeting — TES Members Only — No Donation

Come early for a quorum count…Please have your TES Membership card handy for a quick check-in.

Wed Jan 10 The Novice Group: “Greedy Pig 101 – Poly For Novices” with Lolita Wolf

What the heck is this whole POLY thing? Is poly right for you? Join us as we explore the many ways to be poly in the BDSM Scene with the one and only Lolita Wolf. Building good poly skills are key to the issues and limits we all face. Learn how to establish boundaries, make agreements, combat jealousy and get lots of tips to get you started on your poly journey.
[Note: Highly recommended. As noted earlier in this blog, Lolita’s workshops are always worthwhile and intelligent, and she’s one of the MVPs of the New York Pervert scene.]

Thu Jan 11 Board of Directors Meeting — Members Only — No Donation @ Purple Passion: 7:30pm +

Members may come and sign up to speak on a particular subject or just come and observe. Please observe the NYC parking regulations and avoid being towed !

Tue Jan 16 “Eat Me!” with Susan the Baker

Join Susan the Baker (with some help from Sissy Stephanie) as she describes the many delicious ways to incorporate food into your scenes. Who knew that play could be so yummy? And maybe there will even be some samples to taste…
[Note: Highly recommended. Susan really is a professional baker, and both hot and charming as well, and Stephanie is one of the best Sissies on the scene.]

Wed Jan 17 Dominant Women/submissive men: “A Panel with submissive men” moderated by John

John will be the moderator of this panel and he’ll be asking the tough questions. Submissive men will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on how they found their perfect Dom or tips on how to attract one. They’ll talk about their experiences in the Scene and pitfalls to avoid. Audience participation is strongly encouraged as this is the perfect opportunity to gather with a group of your peers and get answers to all your questions.

Sat Jan 20 The Spanking Group: “Whose Ass Is It Anyways” @ Paddles: 7:30pm #

Women spanking women and men spanking men. Does it matter? Is same-sex spanking crossing a line? Join us for a demo and discussion on same-sex spankings.

Sat Jan 20 “A Novice Excursion” hosted by Lady D & Bo ****

Are you new to the Scene? New to NYC area? Looking to get back into the scene after a long layoff? Just want to hang out with some fun and kinky people on Sat night, in a safe, no pressure, atmosphere with knowledgeable people to guide you if needed?!? Come alone or as a couple. No dress code. At around 10:30pm, after dinner, coffee or a snack, we’ll go to the TES party together.

Sat Jan 20 “January Heat Party” hosted by David 007 & Q @ Paddles:
10pm – 3am ++++

Freezing your butt off this winter? Turn it up at TES with our January Heat Party. Special Guest Star Brian of Needle Play Design will be doing his amazing fireplay demo to get the fires going. Cool music, warm food, and hot scenes abound. Come brave the cold weather and feel the warmth at TES.

Tue Jan 23 “Electricity – Shockingly Affordable!” with Boymeat

Electricity – it can be the spark that lights up your night of play. But the price can be overwhelming for mere enthusiasts: top-of-the-line electrical toys are incredibly expensive. Boymeat will show you a range of lesser-known toys that are kinder to your purse, and demonstrate a variety of shocking ways to use them.

Wed Jan 24 The Bondage Group: “Bondage Torture Ties and Bondage for S&Mers” with Suzanne SxySadist

Who ever said bondage HAS to be comfortable? Bondage arts have been used for centuries to arrest, interrogate through torture and even execute unfortunate victims. We will explore sadism, masochism & edge play with rope and include topics such as predicament & frustration bondage, muscle fatigue, partial suspension & hojo jutsu.

Sat Jan 27 “Intermediate and Beginner’s Bondage Workshop” with David Lawrence @ LGBT: 5pm-8pm. Members: $10, Non-Members: $15 *

This workshop, taught by David Lawrence author of BOUND Shibari Style Impressions, will be hands on for beginner to intermediate riggers so bring a partner and 4 to 6 lengths of 25 or 30 foot rope. The breast harness & waist harness will be explored as a foundation for more intricate ties. Hogties and simple pleasure ties will be explored. Finally, he’ll show how to tie it all together for an amazing experience. If you have any questions feel free to write davidlawrence@shibariartphotography.com. If you want to reserve a signed copy of BOUND please write in advance of the workshop.

Tue Jan 30 “Coming Out Dominant” with Flagg

Mistakes, lessons, stories and stages – where we start and places we stop along the way; and in the end where do we aim to be? An interactive discussion of the perils and pitfalls of staking a claim as Dominant in the Public Scene.

Wed Jan 31 TES-TNG: “Coming Out?” {Open to attendees 35 and younger and their guests.}

Roommates, parents, friends… How do you decide who to tell? If you’ve decided, how do you start that delicate conversation? And when mom “finds” the stash under your bed, (or in your closet, or that dungeon you’ve tucked into the garage) where do you begin? Come talk about the hows, whys & whens of coming out with other kids in the same place.

* LGBT Center
208 West 13th St., between 7th and 8th Avenues.
Workshops: Members: $10, Non-Members: $15.

**** Chelsea Gallery Restaurant
72 7th Ave., between 14th & 15th

+ Purple Passion
211 West 20th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

++++ Paddles
250 West 26th St., Basement, between 7th & 8th Ave.
Parties:. Members: $25, Non-Members: $35
# Meetings: Members: $4, Non-Members: $8


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