Stephen King Killed John Lennon!

As of yesterday, it’s been 26 years since Mark David Chapman put four rounds into “the smart Beatle,” John Lennon, and ended an era.  Or so the mainstream media would have us think.  This guy claims that it was a bizarre conspiracy between Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and, er…. Stephen King.  Honestly, I can’t quite parse his logic; it’s a little like trying to read a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s after downing some speed.  But if you look at it right, his writing does have a kind of dadaistic beauty to it:

Along the way I saw my influence shape events in ways ONLY I could see. I am amazed at how big a dent I have already made, and yet I am still agast at how little support I have received from my fellow man and Americans. My own mother, and my siblings, the one constituency who should have helped me come forward so I could remove my life from danger have taken a step back from my plight. I have witnessed the apathy of my country and have come to appreciate that it is fueled by their own sense of shame, fear, jealousy and, I’ll say it, misery. Everyone’s very afraid where political assassination is concerned but me. Even Paul McCartney, who endorsed me live at Berkeley (see website) has retreated singing “…words of NON wisdom..” lately letting civilization slide into barbarism and banality. His recent 2002 concert passed without a relevant remark.
I don’t trust Yoko to do anything but protect the lie and her estate. I feel sorry for New York City that they can’t see through her. I feel sorry for New York that they tolerated a no trial necessary remedy for Lennon’s assassination. No wonder America is in such shambles. New York City is out of control and disconnected.
I worry about all of you people for having to have me tell you why this is important and vital to begin with. When I started I assumed everyone would know that this expose will unleash more power to the people than at any time in our lifetimes.  If you are not excited by that fact you, indeed, need my prayers too.
Thank you for visiting my website. Only you can expose this story. It will never be told until you people change, first, deep inside. Don’t keep me waiting. I need your help and support. BREAK THIS STORY, PLEASE!

I think this man has the makings of a presidential candidate.


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