Doin’ It With the Dinos

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Every so often, after 13+ years spent browsing all the finest obscene materials that the Internet can deliver, from ASCII pr0n to Usenet stories to downloading full feature films via the wonder of torrents, I get jaded. Or maybe arrogant would be a better word for it.  In short, I start to think that I've seen it all.

Fortunately for my sense of humility, it's at times like this that karma comes along and hits me with something like this.  Of all the things that I've masturbated to (and they have been varied and plentiful), I can safely say that a woman doing three pterodactyls never once crossed my mind.

The truly remarkable thing is that there's more of this stuff out there.  Take this one, for example:

Or this picture of a dinosaur orgy that I found.  If dinosaurs had fur, I guess I'd call it a "furry," since it has that same cloying, cutesy style, but dinos generally are un-furry.  Is this a new cartoon porn genre? The scaley, maybe?

Dinosaur Foursome
I admit that I find this stuff pretty weird, but in a way it's also pretty wonderful.  It's just amazing to me the sheer amount of inventiveness that people put into finding new things to stroke the monkey or pet the poodle to.  Pornography is the ultimate proof of what clever (if twisted) little monkeys we really are.


One thought on “Doin’ It With the Dinos”

  1. This may generate some new theories as to why the great lizards became extinct (cannot think of any right at this minute, but I am working on it). In the meantime, I find comfort in knowing T. Rex and company were enjoying themselves immensely when that big meteor hit.

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