World Tour of Public Art

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I find most public art pretty dull. Most of it is hampered by its public nature, and so any inventiveness is buried under triumphalism, inoffensiveness, and pandering.  I do have a fondness for some of it, like the statue of Alice in Central Park.  To see what public art can be, check out the gallery that's been assembled at, of "strange statues around the world." I kind of take issue with their title; yes, it's a little weird to have a life-size replica of Optimus Prime, the head Transformer, but most of them (including Optimus) are just breathtaking in their originality, beauty, and use of public space. What's really amazing is how many of these statues get away with placing eroticism in public, where the wimmins and children can see them. Some of the more frank statues wouldn't even be allowed in our most liberal enclaves, like San Francisco and New York.


statues-03.jpg      statues-02.jpg
statues-01.jpg     statues-05.jpg

2 thoughts on “World Tour of Public Art”

  1. I thought I had a substantial collection of artbooks, but I must admit none of these gems are in my tomes. I do not know the title of the first statue but as I clicked on the image, I heard a voice shudder, “Willllllllbur!!!” and, now I know how Mr. Ed met his demise.

    I really don’t know how to thank you, but will try to do so by offering this link to the immortal Touchdown Jesus.

  2. Oh, Christ, yah. Literally. I’ve seen pictures of that Jesus before, and one of my online buddies lives near it. It makes me glad that I’m not a Christian. It looks garish and ridiculous to me. Even worse, though, is The Statue of Liberation Through Christ, unveiled on this most recent July 4th in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s a chllling image that nakedly displays the ambitions of fundamentalists for a theocratic order. As the church’s pastor, Alton R. Williams says, “This statue proves that Jesus Christ is Lord over America, he is Lord over Tennessee, he is Lord over Memphis.” Not as long as we have a First Amendment, he isn’t.

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