Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

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Alanesq and I don't agree on a whole lot of things politically; among other things, he considers Michelle Malkin a legitimate commentator, while I think of her as a picayune, mean-spirited, opportunistic hack; he has also been, shall we say, "overly tolerant" of the creeping fascism under the Bush Administration.  In short on 99% of political issues, he's wrong, and I'm right (in a lefty kinda way).

So this is a little like pulling my own teeth, but I gotta admit… When Alan's right, he's right.  In response to the recent clusterfuck at PBS over the firing of Melanie Martinez from "The Goodnight Show," he posted one of the most concise and smartest summations of why PBS comes off as a bunch of jackasses this time around:

Wasn't George Carlin, Mr. Conductor on "Shining Time Station"? Do you really think that Martinez's clips are more explicit than his "7 dirty words" routine? What about a sizable portion of the cast of "The Electric Company"? Rita Moreno had a role in "Carnal Knowledge". Bill Cosby was in "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice", a movie about wife-swapping. And we all saw Gene Wilder make love to a sheep in "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex". Even Richard Pryor had a Saturday morning network children's show called "Pryor's Place", complete with Sid and Marty Krofft puppets. But somehow, "Technical Virgin" undermines Martinez's character? (more)

The videos that Martinez appeared in were produced seven years ago and together come to about one minute of screen time.  They're not even especially shocking.  I think the first one, shown below, actually makes a good point: it probably would solve a lot of problems if mothers gave their daughters vibrators when they hit puberty.  Of course, the abstinence movement isn't actually as concerned with ending pregnancy as they are with making teens forget that sex can be fun and pleasurable, right?  If they could, I'm sure they'd lock all those clits right inside the hope chest until they got married — if not beyond that.


One thought on “Giving Credit Where Credit is Due”

  1. Thank you, Chris. Your introduction to Technical Virgin brought back fond memories. Since I was the product of a Catholic education, by my sophomore year I earned the accreditation of BLV, Borderline Line Virgin. The BLV accreditation did not mean that I suffered from borderline personality disorder. Quite the contrary. Enthusiastic pursuit of extra curricular activites at the drive-in theater ensured that I had a safe outlet for my sexual urges during a time when reliable contraception was not readily available.

    Since I do not have children, I had not even heard of Ms. Martinez. But after viewing her videos, I am suficiently impressed to launch a counter-campaign on her behalf, titled perhaps, Nobody’s Puppet. I wish the same could be said of PBS.

    Recently, Figleaf posted about The Numbers Game, in response to Maureen Dowd’s columm concerning how women feel about the term “slut.” The firing of Ms. Martinez would indicate that a woman cannot safely joke about sex with impunity, much less reveal the actual number of her partners. Obviously, things have not changed that much since the time I emerged, disheveled but happy, from the back seat of that old Chevy.

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