Fuck the Internet

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No, really. Fuck it.  That's what the guy in the video below is hoping to be able to do.  He demonstrates — well, explains — his invention, "The Penistron," which is a silicone vagina surrounded by a mass of magnets, wires, and chips, hooked up to an internet connection.  "This machine has a chip with Internet functions," the inventor tell us, "sending the contraction data to the Internet. If there was someone with a machine like this on the other side, you could have sex over the Internet. It doesn't matter if the other side is virtual or real. You could still have sex because it's just data."

The contraption is a hoot, and actually looks more steampunk than cyberpunk. Part of me is creeped out by it while part is fascinated with the  pure amount of obsession that it takes to spend hours arranging 24 magnets in just the right pattern around a silicone vagina.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the PenisTron… when getting desperate, needy women drunk just isn't getting you laid anymore. (via )


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