Literate Perversions Calendar

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I'm trying an experiment.

I've placed a new page on the site called the Literate Perversions NYC Calendar.  It lists an eclectic assortment of events and happenings that I, for one reason or another, think sound kind of interesting.  Mostly it's stuff that's sex- or kink-related, but the criteria is stuff that I think sounds cool, one way or the other. It's stuff that I might like to attend, or at least know is going on. This can include anything from politics to readings to sex parties. The success of my little experiment depends not only on people being interested enough to subscribe, but in me being able to find enough events that interest me to make the venture worthwhile. If anyone knows of anything happening that should be on a queer-friendly, pervert-friendly, nerd-friendly list, drop me a line.


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