Old-School Internet Pr0n

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Sit down, and let me tell you about the old days. 

Back about 1993 or 1994, I got my very first internet account at San Francisco State University.  Back then, we didn't have any of the fancy gizmos like mp3's, or JavaScript, or streaming video. Or pictures, even.  The first browser I used was an entirely text-based thing called Lynx. Here's what this page would look like in Lynx:

Literate Perversions on Lynx

Of course, this is an incredibly complicated layout compared to the web pages back then, but you get the idea. 

We didn't have Suicide Girls, Jane's Guide, Bondage.com, Retroraunch, or any of the other high-tech smut sites that make the modern Internet such a darn appealing place to hang  out, but we still didn't lack for porn.  I spent a lot of my browsing time on Usenet, including the alt.sex groups.  A lot of my sexual education came from reading those groups.

One of the great lost arts from the early days of computers, before everyone had monitors capable of 1024×768 resolutions and above is ASCII art. And a lot of ASCII art, of course, was dirty. The amount of work and imagination that went into creating surprisingly intricate pictures with nothing but keyboard characters was just amazing.  Just the other day, I found a webpage devoted to archiving some of this old-school porn: ASCIIPr0n.com. If you want an idea of what showed up on my screen the first time I went looking for web porn, check it out.

Even more amazing is the art project Deep ASCII. Someone actually went to the trouble of converting the entire film of Deep Throat into animated ASCII.  It's kind of like watching a pornographic version of the titles to The Matrix. It's sort of pseudo-ASCII art, since I'm pretty sure that this was a conversion program instead of actual hand-coded pictures, but the idea is wonderful, and very appropriate to marry one icon of classic porn to another.

 A little bit of sapphic ASCII smut...


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