An Armful of Boxcars, 2006

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I belong to Raindogs, a mailing list for Tom Waits fans.  Even though Waits is perhaps my all-time favorite muscian, I would normally have a hard time being obsessive enough to join a list about a single artist, even him.  The thing that keeps me subscribed to the list, though, is that it's a great resource for discovering other music.  It's filled with people whose tastes fill all kinds of nooks and crevices of the musical spectrum.  Bands that I've either discovered or decided to explore thanks to the Raindogs list include the Dresden Dolls , the Dead Brothers , and Gogol Bordello.

Recently, one of the members instigated a mass CD exchange project called An Armful of Boxcars.  The rules of the exchange were as follows: there were two different kinds of disks that could be sent out.  The first was called a One-Eyed Jack, the second a One-Eyed Myra.  The Jack is a regular mix of songs, much like you'd put together for any of your friends, with no restrictions other than there couldn't be any Tom Waits on it.  The Myra is the same, except that the music had to be a little more obscure, even by Raindogs standards.  I felt too intimidated to do a One-Eyed Myra, thinking that I couldn't come up with that much obscure music, but signed up to send Jacks out to nine people.  Three of the people that I was assigned to send disks to were overseas: England, Denmark, and Japan.

Yesterday I received my first package: a Jack and a Myra from a guy named Greg in Massachussets.  They're fascinating mixes, and most of the stuff on each is unknown to me.  I'm going to post the playlists as they come in.  Here's Greg's:

Greg's One-Eyed Jack: 

1. Queens of the Stone Age Lullaby
2. Spoon I Summon You
3. Sam Roberts Hard Road
4. Joe Strummer X-Ray Style
5. The Jam Stoned Out of My Mind
6. Ella Fitzgerald Got to Get You Into My Life
7. Gomez Click, Click
8. King Nawahi Hawaiian Melody
9. Manu Chao Bongo Bong
10. Al Green I Want to Hold Your hand
11. Frank Black Mother Popcorn
12. Kaizer's Orchestra Delikatessen
13. Charlie Christian The Sheik of Araby
14. John Holt Ali Baba
15. Billie Holiday Please Keep Me In Your Dreams
16. The Zombies Summertime
17. Chuck Berry Jamaica Farewell
18. Janove Ottesen Forget About Me
19. Scuba Fool to Cry
20. Eels Your Lucky Day in Hell
21. Super Furry Animals Summer Snow
22. Died Pretty Winterland
23. Elliot Smith Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out
24. Paul Weller Black Sheep Boy
25. Tin Hat Trio Scrap
26. The Figgs With Pounding Hearts
27. Jonathan Richman Stop Your Sobbing
28. The Rolling Stones Out of Time
29. The Rolling Stones Rice Krispies Commercial


 Greg's One-Eyed Myra:

1. I will sing because I live with Satan. Led Zeppelin (Backwards)
2. Devil in Me The 22-20's
3. I-94 Radio Birdman
4. Up in Flames The Flaming Sideburns
5. Burn in Hell Rocket Science
6. The New Christs Another Sin
7. Wolfgang Elliot Brood
8. If You Want Blood Mark Kozelek
9. Swampland The Scientists
10. The Snake Al Wilson
11. Wicked Gil Band of Horses
12. Born in a Haunted Barn The Dirtbombs
13. I'm the Wolf Man Round Robin
14. My Girlfriend is a Witch October Country
15. Way Down in The Hole Compulsive Gamblers
16. Bon Fra Helvetet (Prayer From Hell) Kaizer's Orchestra
17. Internal Wrangler Clinic
18. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde The Damned
19. The Magic Dragon The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band
20. Subspace Biographies Robert Pollard
21. The Other Side Moving Targets
22. Prayer Died Pretty
23. Barstow Jay Farrar
24. Straight to Hell Phil Cody
25. Satan Lied to Me

The Louvin Brothers    


2 thoughts on “An Armful of Boxcars, 2006”

  1. I probably need to be ashamed of this, but I’d never heard of the Queens before I got these CD’s. I will look out for more of their stuff, though. The band that I’m most interested in from this mix, though, is Kaizer’s Orchestra. They’re a Norwegian band with a strange, cabaret-sounding style to them. Very interesting track.

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