Writer’s Block

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Geezis, I hate this.  I have two reviews for SugarClick due this week, before tomorrow. I've been sitting around for two days now, always about to start writing the first one, and always unable to do anything that I either want to do or should do because, goddammit, I'm going to start writing, really I am, in five minutes.  I have e-mails to write and I should fucking well be writing up cover letters to try and get some fucking work before my unemployment finally runs out. But this is just preying on my mind, driving me crazy.

Part of the problem is that I just loathe one of these sites more than words can say.  It's the rantings of a career womanizer, dripping with misogyny.  It's supposed to be his journal for sex-addiction therapy, but it lacks the insight or remorse that you would hope for from someone who's seeking a solution to behavior that he admits is self-destructive. There's lots of self-loathing, but that's not the same thing. 

In short, I feel unclean just reading this crap.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  There is nothing sex-positive about it, nor for that matter anything positive about it.  And I think that I've been fidgeting around because I really, really don't want to deal with it.  I've been peering deep into the guy's blog to avoid judging him too harshly, but I still can't find anything that makes me feel any kind of empathy for him.  It's an ugly little blog, and I guess I'm going to have to deal with it eventually.

Back to the grindstone.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Grindstone? An assignment like this is like the proverbial millstone around one’s neck. I visited the site after seeing your review in the sidebar. Wished I had worn a hazmat suit when I did. Then again, given *Steve’s* exacting standards for feminine pulchritude, he would have preferred that I wear the hazmat suit.

    For a while, I thought that this blog may have been a writing exercise, i.e., one writer’s attempt to create a believable but truly unlikable character. For there is very little about Steve that is likable. Anyone who tells his father, newly installed in an assisted living home, not to eat the oatmeal if it is brown, is pathologically deficient in compassion. While I did not linger at the site, I did get the impression that *Steve* liked his father. One can only imagine the conversation that dislike would have engendered.

    I have worked with men like *Steve.* I may have even dated some, but am spared the memory of such. I have the uncanny ability to completely forget certain unpleasant events, and dating a *Steve* would qualify as one of those events. When I observed that crass humor and lack of feeling in certain coworkers, I wondered if it was was genuine. Unfortunately, it was. Time spent in the company of *Steve* and his ilk, either at work or a social setting, does make one feel sick, snuff-film-sick, because of the unrelenting mean-spiritedness.

    You did a good job of trying to write a fair review of this site. Feel free to forward my comment to SugarClick if you so choose.

  2. When I say that Steve’s site left a bad taste in my mouth, I wasn’t being figurative.  I literally sat there with a bitter, acidic taste sitting on my tongue while I tried to review it.

    I’m glad that you thought that I did a good job at being fair. My girlfriend also said that she thought I treated him humanely.  My problem was just that I wasn’t sure that I should, and I’m still unsure if I gave him too much credit.

    (SugarClick review)

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