Gimme Some Sugar!

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One of the best changes in my life lately is that although I'm still not working, and find it damn hard to motivate myself to look for work, I have gotten a new (nonpaying) writing gig to keep me amused. It's doing adult website reviews for a startup blog called SugarClick, edited by Audacia Ray, who is also known for editing $pread Magazine.  It's a good gig. In addition to getting to look at lots of smut, both good and bad, it's given me some structure, which is kind of why I signed up to do three unpaid reviews a week.  I don't hold myself well to internal deadlines; that's a large part of why this blog is only updated on a sort of spastic schedule.  External deadlines, though, I'm pretty good at keeping; I hate letting other people down.

 Anyway, SugarClick and its associated sites looks to have some pretty good potential in the long run, and there are some good people working there.  Check it out when the boss isn't looking.


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