Propaganda in Four Colors

Once again, Ronald Reagan comes to the rescue. Somehow, Ethan Persoff found this fine example of Reagan-era propaganda: a comic book, titled “Grenada: Rescued from Rape and Slavery,” which was produced by the CIA and distributed during the 1984 invasion by American troops. Reagan has a much more distant role in this one than in the Reagan’s Raiders books, but his presence is just as inescapable; the fantasy of the White Man’s Burden should also feel chillingly familiar to everyone who’s watched Bush and his minions prance about for the last five years.

Yes, Anna, thank God! And thanks to President Reagan and our freedom-loving neighbors!

One thought on “Propaganda in Four Colors”

  1. I just think it’s nice that the Neo-Cons learned so much from the Commies in Grenada. From pg 8:

    Instructions for taking over the Caribbean
    (1) Create Fear
    (2) Wipe Out Opposition
    (3) Bomb Schools & Buses
    (4) Wreck the Economies
    (5) Accuse Democracy for all Failures
    (6) Create Refugee Problems, etc

    Now, Replace Caribbean with “Middle East” and “Democracy” with “Liberals”, and what have you got?

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