When You Think People Can’t Sink Any Lower….

I’ll admit to being pretty cynical about the “damned human race,” as Mark Twain called it, but sometimes people just strive to outdo themselves. I’m not surprised so much by the petty greed and venality of this story, but I am amazed at the level of chutzpah it takes to be so naked about it:

Hotels to evacuees: Go before big game
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TALLAHASSEE – Hundreds of Katrina evacuees who fled to Tallahassee seeking refuge from the storm have been politely told by their hotels and motels to leave this weekend to make room for a football game: FSU vs. Miami.

Hotel space is traditionally scarce any time the Florida State Seminoles take on the University of Miami Hurricanes, one of the choicest tickets on the college football schedule.

But with hotels packed with families from Louisiana and Mississippi, and room space booked for Monday’s game for months, hotel operators say they are trying to accommodate the evacuees but have no choice but to nudge them out.

”We have to let them know what’s going on in town and they’re going to have to leave,” said Angie Rayman, manager at the Howard Johnson. “Many of them are trying to get closer to home anyway.”


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