No Comment Needed

Tom Cruise:
“I was much happier in previous existences when I wrote plays, composed music, conquered nations, discovered continents and developed cures for diseases,” he said at a press conference. “I only took my present form because Bingodulla, whom all Scientologists worship as the Supreme Thetan, selected me to spread the gospel of Scientology to the glib, uninformed masses.”


2 thoughts on “No Comment Needed”

  1. Oh but I WANT to comment! Sounds like he’s carrying his need to control and, actually, be controlled [b/c what is Scientology except a form of mind control] throughout his various incarnations.

    What a maroon.

  2. On the nose, Tonya.

    And, have you noticed that when doing past-life recovery, no one ever discovers that they were the 2nd Assistant Pig-Keeper and Shit-Cleaner in Xerxes’ swine farm? Nope, they always did great things in their former lives. And frankly, if I were worshipping a deity named Bingodulla, I would be a lot more humble.

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