Mutilating the Truth?

After all of the controversy about Newsweek’s alleged journalistic irresponsibility in printing reports about the
mistreatment of Korans at Gitmo, after weeks of hand-wringing about how those America-hatin’ journalists have blood on their hands from the riots, one thing seems to have gotten lost in the hubbub: the substance of the charges was true, and the Pentagon is now having to face up to

The Globe and Mail: White House defensive after Koran reports

The Pentagon confirmed Friday evening — after the networks’ evening news shows had aired — that a U.S. soldier had deliberately kicked a prisoner’s holy book. The report also said prison guards had thrown water balloons in a cell block, causing an unspecified number of Korans
to get wet; a guard’s urine had splashed on a detainee and his Koran; an interrogator had stepped on a Koran during an interrogation; and a two-word obscenity had been written in English on the inside cover of a Koran.


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