Fundy Logic 101

Now, I realize that critical thinking is kind of unhip, unfashionable, godless, unpatriotic, carcinogenic, fattening, and generally old-fashioned these days. But just when I think my cynicism has been pushed to the limit, there’s always the Internet to lower my opinion of the damned human race. Today I found another item on my list of Reasons I’m Glad I Gave Up the Religion Thang: an interminable, allegedly “humorous” list of 266 straw-man arguments against atheism titled “You May Be a Fundy Atheist If…” The whole thing gets unbearable and tedious really quick. The one below stuck right out at me, though; my brain hurts just trying to parse the logic.

32. You love to castigate Christians for being “anti-science” if they deny evolution from goo to you via the zoo, and to preach that they should adapt their thinking to the “science” of our day. But you also castigate the Church of 400 years ago for being anti-science, when it DID adapt its thinking to the science of ITS day, i.e. Ptolemaic cosmology, then joined with the Aristotelian scientists of the universities in rejecting Galileo!

To which I say thank dog I’m an atheist, lest I be confused with these people. The persecution of Galileo had little to do with dedication to intellectual integrity, and everything to do with maintaining political power and dogma. The amount of historical revision it takes to even come to such a conclusion is mind-boggling.

And yet, these are the minds that are now setting policy for the country.


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