Not-So-Funny Funnies

As usual, the absurdity of the world is such that the only thing that makes sense is reading the comics:

Some notes on the references:

  • Rosewood, Florida was a black town which was burned to the ground by a white mob, because a white woman alleged that she’d been sexually assaulted by a black man.
  • In 1989, Charles Stuart shot his pregnant wife through the head while driving through a black section of Boston and claimed they’d been assaulted by a black man. The cops came down on the neighborhood, randomly stopping black men and finally arresting William Bennett, a black man with a long rap sheet. When suspicion began to move away from Bennett to Stuart, Stuart committed suicide.
  • Susan Smith was convicted for murdering her two sons by driving her car into a lake. She initially told the police that a black man had carjacked the automobile and drove away with the children, inspiring a hunt for the “killer” before the truth came out.
  • And, of course, we know the story of the “Runaway Bride.”

    This strip, from Matt Bors, says just about everything that needs to be said about the attempts by the religious right to “re-educate us” in the name of the Lord.


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