Consumer Reports: What’s the Best Religion?

Untitled document Courtesy of Fade to Black magazine, the issue of which is the path to Almighty God is finally settled in a scientific, objective manner. As an atheist, it looks like I'm screwed. That's okay, though. I'm used to it.

This is by far was the most popular belief among the aborigines people, with more than 2 out 4 preferring it. The concept of a loving god, was easy to understand, since it bore some semblance to their god "Khatimi" , the god of 'big shiny things'. This belief was so favorable among the tribesmen that a few even made a small donation to the Robert Schuller Ministries at the end of their two weeks' trial.

Although not very popular it did appeal to a few of the aborigines. Ironically the few tribesmen who chose the Muslim religion soon got into an altercation with those who preferred Judaism. The dispute was over the territorial right of the grass hut in which they were living. The tribesmen who choose the Muslim religion claimed they were in it first.

Although ranking high on our scholarly section, this belief was not preferred by any of our testers. The concept of life being meaningless and with no hope of an after life, left most of the tribesmen desponded and depressed, with a few actually needing short term therapy, after the four week trial.


One thought on “Consumer Reports: What’s the Best Religion?”

  1. “This Day Have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you and Have chosen for you Islam as your religion”
    Holy Qur’an
    Islam, the only religion that denies the claims of unbelievers including those (Priest, Rabbi etc) that they honor besides God.
    Is the only religion that tells us not to discriminate among all Prophets of Allah, the only religion that tells us that all Prophets of Allah from Prophet Adam through Muhammad) May Allah be pleased with them are fathers upon brothers to sons, nephew, cousin etc. Meaning that is against islamic Law that anyone to be rascist etc. which is ranging in America today.

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