Terri Schiavo — Live From the Afterlife

Courtesy of Steve Horowitz, Counterbias has a detailed, precise account of Terri Schiavo’s first conversation with her Maker. On the whole, it’s a very tender, humane, and funny piece, three qualities that have been entirely missing from the entire debate:

God sighs and finishes his Scotch. “Crying about embryos and brain-dead people is easy and cheap. Taking care of people actually capable of living, Terri that’s hard.”

And I really have to rub my hands with glee at the conception of hell for the ghouls involved in preying on Schiavo’s still-living corpse:

Terri pauses at the door. “I’m just wondering, God Tom DeLay, and the Bushes, and Randall Terry, and the people on Fox News, and the people with the signs … what happens to everyone who tried to exploit my situation for their own benefit?”

“Oh, there’s a special level of hell reserved just for them,” God says, smiling.

“So there is a hell!” Terri exclaims. “With Satan and everything?”

“Worse. At their level, it’s Ann Coulter.”

Terri looks at God blankly.

“Trust me. They’ll suffer.”


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