People Whose Reality is Confused Enough Without Drugs

Every so often, you see something that makes you just wish, hope, PRAY that the person(s) involved is on serious, very bad drugs, because it’s just too scary to think that they came up with this shit on their own. Fortunately, with GWB, his past of drug use lends a natural excuse for numerous sins. (Of course, he still needs to be forcibly re-educated with reality one of these days.) I’m wondering what this person’s excuse is, though.

New York Times Letter to the Editor; October 5, 2004:
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To the Editor:

David Brooks has it exactly right: John Kerry is the competent paint-by-numbers guy who will accurately execute a composite vision, which is what we might expect of a good senator.

President Bush is the creative artist, the visionary, the innovator, trying to create something dramatically new, which is what we need in a great president. [Emphasis added.]

So now the choice is even clearer: slow and steady into an unimaginative future, or boldly into a new world where grand things are possible.

Brian Rom
New York, Oct. 2, 2004

Now, I’ve heard Bush invoked as being courageous, steadfast, a reg’lr fella, patriotic, godly, steadfast, loyal, true, and basically the kinda guy that Jesus wants to be when he grows up. I have never heard him described as creative. Actually, his lack of creativity and intellect is more likely to be cited as one of his virtues by his followers. All of which is to say that I can’t imagine how you could write something like this without the influence of some very bad drugs or a very good sense of parody.


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