Are You Embarassed by Your President?

Add outraged and fearful and sickened and appalled, and you have my feelings about George W. Bush in a nutshell. It goes beyond simply disagreeing with the man; the only way that he knows how to express himself is through cheap, arrogant bullying that represents the worst in the American character. He seems to be guided by a sense of entitlement and autocracy that belongs nowhere in a constitutional democracy. Listening to his speeches and watching his implementation of policy, the first thing that comes to mind is Cornelius Vanderbilt’s famous exclamation: “Law? What do I care about the law. Hain’t I got the power?”

Some people with my same feelings and more wit have taken the initiative to declare April 1, 2004 National “I’m Embarrassed By My President” Day. To commemorate the day, they’re asking everyone to wear a brown ribbon or armband to signify their distaste for the loads of hot, steaming bullshit that have been flooding out of the Bush White House. This is a fucking great idea, in my book. Show your outrage and your embarrassment at the same time — wear that brown!


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